9 Aug 2017

After trekking up a mountain, there's a particular feeling you get when you finally stand at the top and take in the view. It’s the same feeling when you see the ocean spreading out beyond the horizon, or when lying back on a clear night to see the endless stars shining down. You can't help but stop and stare at the earth, sea and sky and their phenomenal beauty. The feeling they evoke is a simultaneous mix of awe and humility – the vastness and scale accentuates our own smallness. These experiences reinforce the idea that there is something or someone bigger and greater than us.

Today life is full of ideologies, philosophies and beliefs, all vying for our attention and all claiming to be true. In a world centred on physical matter and human agency, many people’s beliefs are based on humanism and materialism and not much else. In an age of astonishing human progress they become all important. And yet, so much of our world makes us feel small and inadequate when compared with those parts which are larger and greater than mankind.

The Bible informs us that creation itself has something to say. Mountains, seas and sky all declare that a divine hand made them. They speak of an supreme Creator who carefully thought and planned every aspect, from the grass in the field to the stars in the sky and even to the hair on our heads. It claims that “the heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands”. This creator God not only made the universe and all it holds but He is alive and still active in His creation. The Bible speaks of a God who dwells in the heavens, whose foundation is the earth, whose breath gives life to everything and who is immortal, all-powerful and made visible by the very creation that magnifies Him.

So the next time you look down from a lofty mountain perch, awe-struck by the vast expanse before you, ask yourself what is that feeling? Is it simply a reaction to something magnificent? Or is it a feeling of incredible smallness compared to creation's declaration of the greatness of the one true God who created us all? And if God has made all these wondrous things, is it time for us to find out more about Him?

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