Give your life a new perspective

7 Jan 2017

All of us experience difficulties in our lives which seem tricky to solve. Over the last ten years alone, many, perhaps including you, have experienced both good times and bad. Whether that is personally, or looking at the greater whole, we witness contrasts running parallel to one another.  Whilst some gain more freedom, others suffer fear; some obtain higher living standards, yet others, financial ruin; floods in our part of the world – drought in others. We are left constantly wondering where to turn to for help in both global matters and in daily life.

Finding answers to these questions can be difficult, so we are offering a free course with a difference. Unlike self help books and life coaches, our aim is to find the answers from God, the all knowing creator of our world. His Bible offers practical, comforting and long term answers to all our problems, whether great or small.

We have tried to group some of these challenges together so we can tackle them in a total of 5 sessions. These are:

  1. What on Earth is Going On With Brexit & the U.S. Election Result? - Monday 9th January
  2. Depression, Stress, Disease - Monday 16th January
  3. Coping with Family Life - Monday 23rd January
  4. The breakdown of Law and Order – Monday 30th January
  5. What is the World Coming to? – Monday 6th February

We must stress that we are not trying to force our own beliefs upon you, but help you seek answers to any challenges or problems you may be facing in an honest, and open way. To us, that is through the Bible, because its answers make sense.  

The seminars will be led by us, the Christadelphians in Pershore- people with everyday concerns like you. Whether that is bringing up the kids, holding down a job, or paying the bills, we understand life’s challenges, but hope that by enabling you to understand God’s answers, you might be more encouraged to read the Bible and find out more of what it is saying for yourself.

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