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26 Sep 2017

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively!

This Autumn, seize a valuable opportunity to get to grips with what the Bible! This 'Learn to Read the Bible Effectively' series of Seminars, starts Tuesday 26 September. It's an easy way to get an overview of what the Bible is all about. Bible reader

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5 Sep 2017


Romans 6:23 (KJV) 23 'For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord' The choice is between these two; DEATH and LIFE. Scripture recognizes decrees of punishment and of glory, but there is no neutral territory between the end result. LIFE or DEATH.  We all must make a choice.

9 Aug 2017


After trekking up a mountain, there's a particular feeling you get when you finally stand at the top and take in the view. It’s the same feeling when you see the ocean spreading out beyond the horizon, or when lying back on a clear night to see the endless stars shining down. You can't help but stop and stare at the earth, sea and sky and their phenomenal beauty.

6 Jun 2017

Believing is seeing

Have you ever spent time looking high and low for something that you just can't find – your keys, your phone, a bag, a book – only to have somebody else point to it straightaway, right there in plain view? It can be so frustrating!

It's well established in biological science that not everything a person 'sees' at any given moment is really there. Where the optic nerve connects to the retina at the back of each eye is a spot with no photoreceptors.  Every image that our brain receives from our eyes has a 'blind spot'. Remarkably, our brain fills the hole so what we 'see' is a combination of what our eyes report and what our brain believes to be there.

7 Jan 2017

Give your life a new perspective

All of us experience difficulties in our lives which seem tricky to solve. Over the last ten years alone, many, perhaps including you, have experienced both good times and bad. Whether that is personally, or looking at the greater whole, we witness contrasts running parallel to one another.  Whilst some gain more freedom, others suffer fear; some obtain higher living standards, yet others, financial ruin; floods in our part of the world – drought in others. We are left constantly wondering where to turn to for help in both global matters and in daily life.


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