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7 Jan 2017

Give your life a new perspective

All of us experience difficulties in our lives which seem tricky to solve. Over the last ten years alone, many, perhaps including you, have experienced both good times and bad. Whether that is personally, or looking at the greater whole, we witness contrasts running parallel to one another.  Whilst some gain more freedom, others suffer fear; some obtain higher living standards, yet others, financial ruin; floods in our part of the world – drought in others. We are left constantly wondering where to turn to for help in both global matters and in daily life.

12 Nov 2016

Who are the Christadelphians?

Saturday, 12 November 2016 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Norton Village Hall, WR11 4TF

Do you ever wonder who the Christadelphians are? Perhaps you know someone who has said they are a Christadelphian and want to know more? Come along for a fun packed evening and we'll help you understand what we believe about everyday life and why we have a real hope about what will happen in the future.

24 Jun 2016

Brexit: no surprise to the Bible reader

Today Britain looks set to leave the EU.  The process could take 2 years, however during the campaign and with the Leave result of the referendum, with the Bible in hand there is little surprise at the result.  

Ezekiel 38 refers to a great battle in the last days, which will ultimately result in God's Kingdom being established on the earth with the Lord Jesus Christ reigning as king.  It is a glorious age to come when there will be true peace and plenty on the earth.

17 May 2016

Finding Contentment

Why does everyone in the 21st century struggle so hard for contentment? What is stopping us from being satisfied?

From childhood it seems we have been programmed to want more and more. We are rarely satisfied, constantly searching for a state of contentment that we think will only be found when we get that promotion, run the marathon, get into a lasting relationship, receive a pay rise, pass the exam, win the lottery… Seeking contentment is usually unsatisfying. We become trapped in a never-ending cycle of striving, perhaps sometimes achieving, but never being truly content.

14 Feb 2016


February is the month of love. 

Valentines Day can be summed up in the famous saying: ‘the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return’. Valentines Day is only one day, it promises one day of love. Thankfully God’s love is not so fickle. It is eternal.


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