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27 Oct 2013

The Fall

autumn tree and leavesAutumn spreads her panoply of glorious colours across the land. A pageant of tones assails the eye, from gilded yellows though fiery amber to the richness of gorgeous reds. Spring’s fair blossom flowers find fulfilment in abundant fruitfulness, ripe windfalls a harvest abundance awaiting collection.

3 Oct 2013

A prayerless life can never be a God-guided life

Deep in our hearts all of us know that prayer is vital for our spiritual development; without it there can be no true fellowship with God, power for effective witness or holiness of character. The more we pray, the opposition of the flesh becomes weaker, communion with God becomes sweeter and the presence of the Lord sheds its radiance throughout our lives.


16 Jun 2013

1000 years of the Kingdom of God

buttercup fieldRecently, at our Sunday evening meeting, we had a Bible talk about the Kingdom of God. We asked everyone to write down what they thought was the main reason Jesus was going to come back to establish God's Kingdom. We had some wonderful answers, from adults and children alike. Here are a few: 

29 Dec 2012

The Real Christmas

Christmas TreeThe big day has come and gone! We may well have eaten too much, enjoyed giving and receiving lots of nice presents and seen family and friends this time of year. It's a time of fun and festivity for many people, it's also a time when shops make a lot of money in the mass commercialism in the run up to the event, and in the sales afterwards.

But why? What's special about Christmas? Many people, in answer to this question, will say it's to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. But how many of us are remembering Jesus when we battle through the last minute christmas shopping, or are rushing around preparing the Christmas dinner, or over indulging in food and drink?

25 Nov 2012

Peace in the Middle East?


Israel and the Middle East seem to constantly dominate our news agenda. Recent events between Israel and the Palestinians are among others in numerous skirmishes between the 2 sides. Many consider the situation to be impossible to resolve. Others try, but have so far failed to produce any lasting peace.



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